Jul 20, 2017

Ship Bottom, NJ, (July 20, 2017) – Long Beach Island is one of the most visited regions at the New Jersey Shore each
summer. In addition to the generation of families who return year after year, the picturesque barrier island continues
to draw new visitors. And recently reaching over 300 listings, the independently owned and operated vacation rental
listing website has become a major player in the Long Beach Island vacation market.

The website, which first launched in late 2016, is a locally based alternative to HomeAway, which was
bought by Expedia in 2015. Since the acquisition, VRBO started adding service fees to the rental rates owners charge,
resulting in an increase in cost to travelers as much as 12 percent! In order to collect those “Service Fees” from the
vacationers, VRBO has slowly been transitioning their vacation rental owners to only accept online bookings and
recently removed phone numbers and emails from the site, thus limiting communication between the homeowner and
guest to its own portal.

The policy changes to the site have left many seeking a different route to market their homes, pushing the door wide
open for, which does not charge any service fees. The site has seen steady growth this year of over 50 new
listings per month. Travelers are literally saving hundreds of dollars on each booking while owners remain in complete
control of the booking process.

By reaching this new milestone in July, VRLBI has overtaken the popular rental listing website, for it’s
number of local listings. The site is clean, easy to use, and offers simple communication between owners and guests. It
also interfaces with other websites, making it easier for owners to keep their listings up to date and accurate.

“The homeowners on LBI like having control over the booking process. They want to be able to talk to guests first, to
make sure that their home is a good fit for their stay on LBI. In addition, the owners are the ones best suited for
answering questions about their rental’s amenities and to share information about local attractions. This makes for a
much better experience for our out of town guests, one that saves them hundreds of dollars by not paying service fees.
This savings from no service fees leaves them with more money to spend during their visit to LBI, which helps ALL of
our local businesses!” says Duane Watlington, of Ship Bottom, founder/owner of

VRLBI also rolled out phase three of it’s marketing campaign, raising awareness among vacationers of this new option.