The Dunes, LBI

The Dunes

The Dunes, LBI
Lost in the sand dunes

There was a time when this area of Long Beach Island was nothing but rolling sand dunes. You’ll still find those nice dunes up on the beach, but now this tiny community, a sun-soaked getaway from the real world, offers some fantastic vacation rentals on Long Beach Island.

Folks have been coming to LBI for generations to enjoy not only the summer, but the gorgeous and peaceful shoulder seasons at the end of springtime and well into autumn.

The Dunes are a quiet, tiny neighborhood that is part of Long Beach Township, bordering Haven Beach to the north and Beach Haven Terrace to the south. “The Terrace” is a walk or short drive away from some of LBI’s favorite food and drink like the Terrace Tavern or the hip Delaware Avenue Oyster House and Bar next door. Try the clam chowder at the California Grill, classic pasta dishes at Roberto’s Dolce Vita, or fresh seafood at the Beach House. And finish it off with treats from Meltdown Ice Cream. Shopping? Try the Bywater Shop for gifts and Home Décor.

Visitors here start their day with a walk, a run, or a bike ride on Ocean Avenue, the safe residential road right along the beach that runs from McEvoy Lane to East Dune Lane. Then they head up to the beach for fun in the sun and swimming, as well as surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking and fishing outside the designated swimming areas.