Ship Bottom, LBI

Ship Bottom

Ship Bottom, Long Beach Island, New Jersey
A great name and a great place

Ship Bottom, NJ, a popular vacation rental destination, is known as the gateway to Long Beach Island, the first town you arrive in when you come over the Causeway Bridge.

In 1817 a vessel of foreign origin was seen turned upside down in a dense fog. Upon finding the victims, a woman was saved from the hull of the vessel, and this part of the Island has been Ship Bottom ever since. The first community was built around the life saving station here. It has since seen its share of additional historic shipwrecks.

Ship Bottom is, above all else, a family community. Its wide beaches play host to thousands every day with great sandbars as well as surfing outside the flags. There’s a town boat ramp just north of the bridge complete with a full waterfront park with a fishing dock, playground and concerts in the summertime. The bay beach is perfect for little ones or launching a paddleboard or kayak. 6th Street is home to some serious pickleball and bocce.

Ship Bottom is also home to some of LBI’s favorite eateries like Ship Bottom Shellfish, the Arlington, Bisque, Woody’s Raimondo’s and The Local, which has become the must-visit spot mid Island, not to mention three surf shops – Farias, Surf Unlimited, and Wave Hog.

Joe Pops is the local club for late night music and dancing. Get some ink at Right Coast Tattoos. The Porthole and the Gateway are neighborhood bar type spots for getting out of the sun.

Ship Bottom is one of the widest portions of Long Beach Island, offering lots of options for vacation rentals in this LBI, NJ hub. Search available VRLBI Ship Bottom NJ vacation rentals