Homeaway/VRBO to block ALL contact info until booked!

Jun 21, 2017

We had said this day would come and by the looks of the press release published yesterday by Homeaway’s Tina Weyand, that day will be by the end of this month!

What does this mean? When someone inquiries about your Vacation Rental on VRBO/Homeaway, none of your, OR the guests, contact info will be displayed. You will have limited information and have to use the communication portal that they provide until you book the guest! No guest phone numbers and no guest email addresses. For those of you who have been forced to sign up for online booking, you won’t be able to take those bookings “offline” any longer to save your guests the service fees.

VRLBI does not do this! We don’t hide any contact info, and encourage guests and owners to communicate directly before confirming a reservation. Our Owners have complete control over the booking process and can talk to the guests BEFORE committing to a booking.

Our Guests can deal direct with our owners, saving hundreds of dollars by avoiding the service and booking fees charged by the national “booking” sites.

To see the complete press release from Homeaway, click on this link: